About us

Well…2020 - what a year! Lockdown meant our homes were transformed into workplaces, classrooms, gyms and even a place of sanctuary. Creating a happy place had never been so important. 

Sisters Jo and Gemma both live in the beautiful rural county of Shropshire, they were forced to take a break from their usual businesses during the pandemic lockdown and found that creativity helped reduce the worries that 2020 threw at them. This led them to consider how to combine creativity with a new business.

Their vision grew into making hand-crafted cement pots and painting them in their favourite colours and designs. Originally produced for their own homes, the sisters came to realise that the pots could also bring joy, happiness and colour to other people’s lives. As a result Big Pot Little Pot was born! 

Each pot is individually produced and designed, so no two pots are the same. The sisters hope that your new pot will bring a smile to your face each and every time you look at it!